Welcome to SoCal Bartender!
We are Southern California’s premiere mobile, upscale bartending company. We bring exquisite service and a warm, friendly atmosphere directly to your home, to your private party, to your fundraiser event, or to your company function.

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Imagine a bar with the freshest fruits, spices, condiments and specially prepared garnishes, a staff of attractive and well-trained bartenders and food servers making sure your guests feel special and important. Such an atmosphere transforms a simple social gathering into a classy affair that will make for a fabulous experience for everyone who attends. We are SoCal Bartender, and we guarantee to make your party or gathering exceptional!

SoCal Bartender provides professional, upscale, personalized bartending services for private parties, corporate events, fundraiser galas and much more throughout all areas of Los Angeles County and Orange County. Whether you need stand-alone party bartenders for your in-home wet bar or the complete package including multiple bartenders with a portable bar and food servers, we will cater to your every need and desire, and even return your entire area to pristine condition before we leave.

We also service Riverside, San Diego, San Bernardino, Ventura and Kern Counties. After all, we are SoCal’s premier party bartenders! From Long Beach to Bakersfield, we will be there. Will it be a Mango Margarita or a Cosmo? Whether you are hosting a house party in Huntington Beach or a corporate event in Santa Monica, SoCal Bartender has the right package to make your gathering elegant and unforgettable. We are classy without the pretentiousness.

You and your guests will be able to relax and enjoy themselves as our licensed professionals offer up their expert bartending services for the most enjoyable experience you’ve ever had. Call SoCal Bartender today for more information about our bartending services. Kick back, and let us take perfect care of your family and guests!

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“At SoCal Bartender, you can count on us to always treat you and your guests like royalty!” – SocalBartender.com –
Our company represents the absolute best in V.I.P. treatment. We are a division of M.C Casino Gaming, Southern California’s most respected mobile casino organization, and offer an unparalleled level of customer service, along with a customized, luxurious, very affordable, and highly entertaining experience for any size group.


Stand Alone Bartenders…
If you already have a portable bar station or a wet bar at your home or location, we’ll We also have fully trained, attractive female bartenders, as well as dashing young guys, if this is the atmosphere you want for your event.

Bar Stations…
If you need us to supply the complete setup, including both bartender staffing and the physical bar station itself, then look no further. We offer new, well-maintained, professional bar stations. We always provided guaranteed early setup so that your bar is showroom ready, well in advance of the start of your event. We also guarantee to provide complete clean up and restoration of the premises after the event concludes. You won’t have to lift a finger!

Food Service Personnels…
Although our company is not a catering organization and does not provide meals, we have a large staff of prompt, reliable, attentive young food service personnel who will oversee your kitchen, greet guests, serve food, pick up empty beverage glasses and plates, wash dishes, empty trash, clean up spills and mishaps, make grocery store runs, assist with audiovisual equipment, or almost anything you desire on the day of your event. You’ll have much more peace of mind knowing that you can truly relax and enjoy your event, with the best crew that money can buy onhand to watch over things.

Licensing and Insurance…
Our organization is fully insured, and our dealer staff are licensed professionals. You can always rest assured, knowing that you and your guests are in safe, experienced, professional hands.