About Us

Here at SoCal Bartender, earning and maintaining your TRUST is very important to us.


For Weddings, Fundraiser events, Corporate Team-Building events, and large Concerts/Street Fairs, we have the LICENSING and INSURANCE that you need. You won’t hear excuses or delays when you request verifiable credentials from us.

Our company has a full “RETAIL” LIQUOR LIABILITY insurance policy with $1 Million in coverage. This allows us to transport and serve not just beer and wine, but also a “full bar” of liquor/spirits at any public place or venue (indoor or outdoor), regardless of size. We will also provide ADDITIONAL INSURED coverage with full Certificate Holder status for an unlimited number of corporate entities, properties, or persons, as needed.

Our company also has “HOST” LIQUOR LIABILITY insurance coverage, with $1 Million in protection and Additional Insured assignability with Certificate Holder status. We know how to “speak their language”, and will get any red tape cleared up for you quickly and easily. Never any need to worry.

We are a true corporation, not a “Mom and Pop”, which gives us the experience, size, resources, and expertise to correctly handle any job you give us.

For PRIVATE PARTIES of All Types and Sizes:
For small and mid-sized Private Parties, where much of the above isn’t needed, we will gladly provide you with friendly, prompt, reliable, and experienced bartenders for your birthday party, holiday party, family get-together, or sporting event. We have cocktail waitresses and food servers, too.

We have a whopping $2 Million in GENERAL LIABILITY insurance coverage, which we offer FREE to every event we host, regardless of size. This is often all that’s needed for smaller parties.

All of our bartender mixologists have valid Bartending Licenses and Certificates, with state license number and endorsement.

Nearly all of our bartender mixologists also have valid TIPS Certification or TABC Certification for continued education and advanced coursework in responsible alcohol service. Signature Drinks are our specialty.

We match our bartender profiles to the specific details of your event. Our goal is to connect you with the bartender or group of staff members who best reflect the theme, mood, and atmosphere of your event. Our people are friendly and well-trained, and will CONNECT and BOND with your guests.

We offer straightforward, no-nonsense pricing. So up-selling, pushiness, or confusion.


* Full-service bar stations, with round-trip delivery and setup.
* Beverage ice (from 20 lbs. to over 1,000 lbs.), plus no-hassle delivery and storage
* All types of glassware and stemware, as well as disposable drinkware
* ALL types of mixing ingredients, condiments, and garnishes. We’ll go directly to our distributor and get virtually anything you need, no matter how exotic or rare.

Get Ready for WORLD-CLASS service with SoCAL BARTENDER!

CALL US FIRST for all of your bartending and food service needs!

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