Model Bartenders


Many companies in the Los Angeles area claim to have “MODEL BARTENDERS” who they can send out to your party or event. At a certain level, this is true, but there’s always more to the story.
Here are TWO IMPORTANT PROBLEMS that you should be aware of:
Other companies send out pretty girls (and guys) who are NOT actually bartenders! (No lie!) They will have no idea how to correctly prepare mixed drinks when they arrive at your event.
Our competitors will send you an attractive model who CANNOT MAKE DRINKS to your satisfaction. We literally see this all the time. Every weekend without fail, we receive urgent calls from desperate party hosts in the middle of the night, requesting that we find them a Model Bartender ASAP, because the bartender company they originally hired (one of our competitors) FAILED them. You can trust our Los Angeles model bartenders for hire because all of them are licensed and insured. They know how to make your drinks, and they certainly know how to have a good time!

Our company will send you an attractive, KNOCK OUT model (female or male) who is a Certified Bartender and ACTUALLY DOES know how to prepare mixed drinks correctly and swiftly! No excuses or unpleasant surprises, here. We GUARANTEE it.





Other companies will show you photos of a specific girl (or guy) and send you someone who is COMPLETELY DIFFERENT than the person you agreed upon and was supposedly contracted to work at your event.

To us, this “bait and switch” tactic is downright FRAUD, and will never happen at our company. Here, if you select a specific Model Bartender from a slate of photos we send you, then we enter into a contract to have this person work at your event, then this person will ABSOLUTELY arrive at your doorstep to serve you and your guests. Again, we GUARANTEE all of our model bartenders for hire.

When we provide you with our Los Angeles model bartenders, we deliver exactly what was agreed upon. Honesty is a huge component of our Mission Statement.
You can expect world-class service when you book with SoCal Bartender. Before you elevate your event with our model bartenders, CALL US FIRST to finalize food and desired bartending services.