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Flair Bartender


A: A Flair Bartender is a professional, certified bartender who is also a PROFESSIONAL ENTERTAINER, and is versed in complex juggling, up-close illusions, elaborate costumes, sketch comedy, fire stunts, dance routines, and other visually captivating activities.

Our professional Flair Bartenders aren’t just skilled mixologists, they are world-class entertainers. You and your guests will experience the most amazing performance you’ve ever seen!

* Our talent pool includes decorated U.S., European, Asian and WORLD Champions who have proven their abilities in the highest level of competition, and are true, working professionals in this specialized trade.

* For starters, your guest will get to see some of the most SPECTACULAR juggling of liquor and wine bottles on earth! Even the bar tools will be used in ways that will shock and amuse your crowd.

* You’ll get fancy illusions and “close up” MAGIC tricks while pouring your favorite drinks.

* If your facility allows it, our Flair Bartending staff can incorporate “fire stunts” and other cool visuals.

* Many Flair Bartenders incorporate customized skits, sketch comedy, dance routines, and singing as well. Our pros are multi-faceted entertainers. They are more than just bartenders or jugglers.


* If desired, your Flair Bartenders will arrive in elaborate, head-turning COSTUMES which will get your guests turned on and highly interested! Whether you have Cirque du Soleil, Hawaiian Fire Dancer, or Burlesque Girl in mind, we can provide an authentic, eye-catching presentation for you. Please call to discuss.
* If you hire a TEAM of flair experts, get ready for some of the most astounding synchronized juggling that you’ve ever seen!

When you hire a Flair Bartender, certain advance preparations and safety precautions have to be made, so that your customer experience is as amazing as possible. Please call us directly to discuss.

If you think that you might want either an individual Flair Bartender or a team of them for your special event, please place your order early. Our flair experts work in the “domestic U.S. circuit” and fly back and forth between Los Angeles, Miami, Las Vegas, and New York (the areas where flair bartending is in the highest demand), with excursions to Europe, as well. The most popular pros need to be booked weeks in advance.

Should you wish to hire a Flair Bartender:
Male Flair Bartenders start at $525.00/hr.

Female Flair Bartenders start at $550.00/hr

Experience outstanding service from our Flair Bartending professionals in the Los Angeles area. Call us today to discuss how we can exceed your food and bartending expectations.